Our site is located at Cagsawa Ruins Park, Brgy. Busay Daraga, Albay – one of the most known tourist destination in Albay, where you can perfectly see the most iconic bell tower with Mayon Volcano on the background.

We are about 15 minutes ride away from the airport.
Unfortunately, transport service is not available from our company. But we may refer transport drivers to help you find our place.
In terms of ATV ride duration, we only have time approximations – short trails 30mins to 1 hour and long trails minimum of 2 hours. We do not give exact length of time for it depends on the trail selected and driving ability of the group. Our objective is for your group to enjoy the experience as you drive to your selected destination and return to the site safely and had a great fun.
Yes, our trail guide/s will accompany you in the whole duration of the ride. The number of trail guides to assist you will depend on the total pax on your group. They will also be your group’s photographer/s.
Yes, minimum of 2 pax when doing the long trails such as Black Lava, Green Lava and 2018 Mayon Lava Trail. For other trails, 1 pax is allowed. Yet, Solo pax is given consideration to still do long trail with an additional of P500 making it a “Special Tour” with our guide.
We prioritize the safety of our guests, so we only allow 16 years old and above to self-drive an ATV. For ages below 16, back-riding is recommended.
No. For safety purposes, we don’t allow pregnant woman to ride an ATV.
We recommend to our guests to take the early morning (7:00 to 8:00 AM) ATV adventure. Aside from morning sunlight health benefits, Mayon Volcano can clearly be seen in early morning (during sunny season).
We highly recommend wearing sportswear, or just wear your most-comfortable outfit in which you’re able to move freely and comfortably. Bringing unnecessary stuffs with you onto the trail is not advisable so that you’re able to focus on driving the ATV.
Yes. We have designated area for our guests to have a rest after doing the ATV Adventure. Also, it’s for those who will not join the ATV ride. There, they can have a rest, watch TV or use our free Wi-Fi while waiting for their group to arrive.
Yes. We have safety cabinets and lockers to safe keep your valuable items while you’re enjoying Mayon ATV tour.
Yes. We have wide parking area just in-front of our ATV site, it’s a safe area for your vehicle.
Yes, we have chips, biscuits, drinks and ice-creams for sale.
Yes. We advise our guests to visit comfort room before taking the ATV ride, for there is no CR on the trail.
Yes. Safety is our priority; fun is just next to it. We provide DOT approved helmets for each guest, and is required to be worn whenever the machine is running.
Yes, our Guide always bring with them first-aid kit for emergency purposes. They also have VHF radio/cell phone to call-out for help from the site when they feel they cannot render adequate first-aid.
It depends on the volume of the rain. If moderate, it’s fine to do ATV ride, you have a choice to wear raincoat or get wet under the rain. You may just take shower in our site after your activity. In fact, doing ATV ride while raining has distinct flavor of fun as it is more thrilling. On the other hand, in cases like typhoon and volcanic eruption, we stop our operation.
Yes, 95 kilogram is the maximum weight capacity of the ATV.
No worries. As part of our safety procedures, we conduct safety orientation and ATV driving practice before going on to the actual ride. Our ATVs are fully automatic and are easy to control. Also, our trail guides will facilitate during the practice.
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