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The beautiful scenery of Mayon Volcano can be appreciated when you ride an ATV towards its lava trails and usually takes hours in reaching its trek.

Mayon SkyDrive All-Terrain Vehicle Adventure, a newly opened ATV Adventure Provider in Bicol, Albay Philippines is now ready to serve you. An ATV Adventure in Albay where you can be one with nature and have the experience of a lifetime.

Your safety is our priority even with or without experience in riding ATV. ATV riders are given instructions to prevent unexpected incident going to its chosen trails. Three to five minutes (3-5 mins) practice ride on how to use the ignition, throttle and brakes.

Brand new ATV units with 150cc, fully automatic and are made to pass its trails even in river and rocky trails such as SkyDrive Trail, Cagsawa Trail, Green Lava Trail and the Black Lava Trail.

MayonSkyDrive ATV Adventure gives 100% satisfaction to all its ATV riders.

Trails Site & Rates:

What trails are offered?

MayonSkyDrive ATV Adventure are looking for some trails and developing other trails for your convenience and adventure suitability.

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  • grassland
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  • forest
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With MayonSkyDrive ATV Adventure experience the thrill, adventure and being one with nature. See how much more Albay has to offer.

Our All Terrain Vehicles are all brand new, well maintained and are safe to use. Join us and take a ride through the villages, rice paddies, rivers, rocky roads and get a real insight into this Beautiful place and its friendly people. Whether you want a relaxing sunset tour with the family or an extreme adventure with a full day ride with friends, we have a package to suit everyone.

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